Skin Care Services

Aromatherapy Facial / Bacial* $95.
A deep pore cleansing treatment which consists of skin analysis, rotator brush cleansing using a gentle exfoliant, followed by vaporizing and manual extraction. The facial concludes with a relaxing face, neck, and shoulder massage, and a soothing mask to retexturize the skin and increase cellular renewal.

*For deep cleansing of back and shoulders.

Plantomer Facial
Suitable for all skin types and recommended once-a-month. A deeply hydrating experience, leaving the skin tight, refreshed and glowing. This facial offers the ocean’s finest resources- Laminaria Digitata, rich in minerals: potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. A propolis ampoule—rich in antibiotics and vitamin A—nourishes the skin while the soft lift-off mask soothes, heals, hydrates and strengthens the skin.

Vitamin C Facial –New–
Suitable for a dehydrated skin lacking elasticity and vitality. Our radiance facial is rich in antioxidants and free radicals which, along with vitamin C and freeze-dried seaweed, will reduce fine lines and strengthen the skin's elasticity. An Ideal facial for any season.

* Add a collagen ampoule $25
* Add an elastin ampoule $25
*See our add-on Eye Treatments to further enhance your facial.

Anti Free-Radical Facial –New–
An ideal facial for mature dehydrated skin. This hard lift-off mask hydrates the skin through vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Using a vitamin C concentrate, the skin is revitalized and nourished. A warm mask, rich in calcium sulfate and essential oil of lavender, leave the skin glowing.

* Add a collagen ampoule $25
* Add an elasten ampoule $25

*See our add-on Eye Treatments to further enhance your facial.

Caviar Rejuvenating Facial –New–
The most advanced defense against aging. This facial lavishes the skin with caviar extract and Phytomer-extract. The hard lift-off mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness, improving elasticity and reducing expression lines and wrinkles.

* Add a collagen ampoule $25
* Add an elasten ampoule $25

*See our add-on Eye Treatments to further enhance your facial.

Pro Power Peel 60 –New–
Pro Power Peel 30 –New–
A bespoke peel that can be done frequently and is less invasive. This customized treatment can be done alone (Pro 30) or as part of a facial (Pro 60). Using Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) and Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA).
Each acid has a different molecular size and penetrates the skin to a different degree, treating skin concerns—from signs of aging, to hyper-pigmentation, to breakouts.
Buy 5 Pro 30, get 1 Free!
* Add a collagen ampoule $25.00
* Add an elastin ampoule $25.00

Teenage Facial*
The perfect solution to introduce your son or daughter to a good skin care regime. We will analyze your skin and determine your skin type and advise you on home care. The facial includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing , manual extraction and a balancing mask for your skin type.
(*With Alpha Gel add $30.00. [15% glycolic, 1% Fruit Acid]
See our add-on Eye Treatments to further enhance your facial.

Dermalogica Micro Zone Treatment *
(recommended series of 6)
This treatment helps firm, resurface, tone and brighten the skin. Hydroxy acids remove dulling surface debris to help reverse the signs of aging while nourishing vitamins and botanical extracts help soothe and restore skin to optimal health.

discontinue use of Adapalene or other prescribed exfoliating products two weeks before undergoing this treatment.

Dermalogica Core Facial - New -
A customized facial at every step based on your skin type. Unique to each individual client because of the use of our professional customization products including serums., complexes and botanical mixers throughout the step-by-step process.

Age smart - For mature or pre-maturely aging skin
Medi Bac Clearing - For Acneic and breakout-prone skin
Chroma White TRx - For hyper-pigmented skins with uneven skin tone
Ultra Calming - For environmentally sensitized skin

Dermalogica Micro Zone Hand Treatment - New -
A wonderful add-on to any facial. This treatment includes maximum strength exfoliation plus the deep moisturizing benefits of a soothing paraffin dip as well as a hand and arm massage. The result is an instant hydration and repair for dry, chapped or prematurely aging hands.

Glo Customized Facial
Glo Peel (30 mins)
Glo Series of Peels (buy 5, get 1 Free)
Redefine your skin, tighten and smooth aging skin, hydrate and renew tired complexions, fight breakouts, and refine skin’s texture with our Glo Skin care system. This is a customized facial treatment, offering 6-8 different chemical peels, and covering different levels of exfoliation. Features Pumpkin Enzyme, Glycolic Acid, Beta and Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, Salicylic and Lactic Acids to help stimulate cellular regeneration and improve the condition of the skin—revealing a healthy and luminous complexion.

*See our add-on eye treatments to further enhance your facial.

(recommended series of 6)
A noninvasive treatment for sun damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, uneven skin texture, acne scars and enlarged pores. Using natural crystals to trigger the repair mechanism of the skin, microdermabrasion will remove the outer epidermal cells resulting in healthy epidermal tissue growth, improving skin tone and elasticity.

Collagen Face Treatment
Our collagen ampoule is a wonderful add-on to any facial. Rich in glycerin, jonquil oil, and collagen, this aqueous treatment smoothes and softens fine lines and fights against the slackening of the skin.

Elastin Face Treatment
Our elastin ampoule is a wonderful add-on to any facial. Highly concentrated, a blend of elastin and jasmine essential oils works to tighten the skin and help reduce the visible signs of aging.

*Collagen Eye Treatment
To combat the visible signs of aging, this treatment penetrates deep below the skins surface hydrating the eye area resulting in a younger looking skin.

*Revitalizing Eye Treatment
An ideal treatment to erase the signs of tiredness around the eyes. This freeze-dried mask helps reduce dark circles and smooth wrinkles and fine lines.

Gingko Biloba Eye Treatment $35.
From the Gingko Biloba tree, this treatment is ideal for puffiness and dark circles often caused by allergies, fatigue and stress.

*Paraffin Eye Treatment
A warm paraffin to nourish the eye area and often used to penetrate other fine ingredients into the skin. This treatment helps to hydrate fine lines leaving the skin soft and smooth.

** Combine all three eye treatments $60.
A savings of $30.00

* Any one eye treatment with paraffin wax eye treatment $45.
A savings of $10.00